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Lupus/swelling in my palm


Hello I had a situation in my hometown will we had a chemcial called mchm leak into are water And we were not supposed to  use the water I take care of dementia patient And accidentally turn it on  hands burn I started out with a bister on my palm went to doctor he gave me steroid  cream it seem to try up the bister Still having pain in my hand went to another doctor a month later  that is was pheriphal neurapathy gave me neurontin  And third  doctor said fatty tissue I.m now going on 5 months no answer no testing has been done blood test I had a nurse said it could be rhemotoid arthisis or lupus because my palm is swelled and fluid builds hurts and burns still i am going to orthopedics that will be doctor number 4  And this wearing me  down I dont think it isnt thing elese but from the water That is when it started  now im getting worried the swelling not going down could it be lupus it just on my palm Sorry so long dont even know if you can help   Thank you Carolyn


Without a family history or your own health history it is hard to say whether or not this could be lupus related. It seems like you are going to different specialty doctors who are not listening to your full story, or are only looking at part of the problem. As a holistic practitioner I would be looking into your entire health history and how your immune system is functioning. If your immune system is low functioning then it is possible you are having an adverse reaction to an exposure of chemicals, but again that is hard to say without knowing more, but it's still worth considering. If nobody is doing blood work I would go into your general practitioner and ask for it to be done, at least a routine blood panel, to make sure nothing else is out of the ordinary. From looking into the chemical spill the MCHM and 2 other chemicals that were in the water can be hard on the liver, so with any exposure I'd at least want to see that nothing else major is going on internally. Stay positive, and continue to strive for answers. There are good doctors out there who will take the time necessary with you to figure out what is really going on, but sometimes finding them takes a bit more time. I wish you the best, and if there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.


Dr. Kalli Prater  


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