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Lupus/Blood results


Hi dr
I would like you to give me your opinion on the lab result I got this week
Anti -nuclear - positive
Titre 1:160
Pattern Homogenous
Double strand DNA ab 3.9

ENA< 20(negative)
I have permanent pain for years, especially thigh pain. A deep burning cold pain with electric shocks. Also extreme buttock pain. I always feel very cold. The hair on my thighs stopped growing about a year ago. I feel flu like without temperature. I have joint pains in hips, neck as well as lower back(4&5 bulging discs) and narrowing of C5-6.  
I know that the joint pain is degeneration, but I would like to know what treatment will be best without taking pain medication every day. I use Lyrica 75mg, Celebrex and Stilpane on a daily basis. It helps a bit, but does not take the pain away completely. I get quite ill when I am in the sun, so I avoid it. My mom has scleroderma.. Should I follow up on the ANA blood test? I did not see a Rheumatholgist yet. I am a 56 year old female. Thank you

Yes you should follow up with a Rheumatologist for sure, but there are a LOT of things that can be contributing to the chronic pains. I have helped many people with auto immune disease, including lupus, and the main thing that needs to change for people is diet. If someone has an autoimmune disorder I try to put them on a paleo diet or an autoimmune paleo diet. These are typically big changes, but I've helped many people get off medications, get back to doing things they could not all by changing dietary intake. If you're eating inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, soy etc) your body has more building blocks to make more inflammatory by products-ie pain. Inflammatory diets often also lead to malnutrition on a cellular level, and many medications rob your body of specific nutrients. I would look into finding a Functional Medicine doctor in your area who knows how to address all these issues, especially if you're not happy with the lack of results with the medications. Your body was never deficient in celebrex or lyrica, these things don't FIX the problem nor do the doctors ask WHY this happened in the first place, a good functional medicine doctor will take into account these issues and try to reverse the damage being done- and yes that is possible to some degree for almost all things.

I hope this was helpful, there's no reason you should be suffering.

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.


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I can answer questions about nutrition for autoimmune diseases, especially those with Lupus. Questions about when to seek medical help, when and what alternative therapies are recommended. Alternative therapy effectiveness compared to traditional medical treatment. Also answering questions about lab testing for Lupus, functional lab interpretations and how to turn around your blood work.


Currently treat many autoimmune patients with my biggest success in Lupus through dietary modification. With a reversal of lab work and off all medication in less than 1 years time, my interest is in giving back the quality of life to people with Lupus and autoimmune disease.

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