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Lupus/High anti dsdna level


QUESTION: Hi..I've been diagnosed with lupus since 2012. Most recently my blood work showed ana of 1: 640, anti dsdna of 493 (norm for my lab is <30). This number has been rising for the past 7 mos, but my complement levels are normal. My rheumatologist says this is "odd", but still insists I have lupus. I've had almost all the symptoms over the past 4 years so I want to believe him...but he got me nervous about the normal complements.

Are there any other diseases that would have such a HIGH anti dsdna level?? I know there are some other than SLE that have a low abnormal anti dsdna

ANSWER: The anti DsDna can elevate prior to a flare up in lupus. This antibody is pretty specific for lupus. Typically in SLE the complement levels go low, but your body didn't read any text book so your diagnosis should be based off clinical signs and symptoms and paired with lab testing.

Other reasons anti DsDna can elevate:

Anti-dsDNA is sometimes present with diseases such as chronic hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and infectious mononucleosis. It may also be seen in those taking drugs such as procainamide and hydralazine. It is not usually tested or monitored under these conditions.

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for the quick response! I just have one more question . I read on google (probably a dumb move) that lymphoma will make the dsdna level VERY high, like mine is. Do you happen to know if that is true? My mom had Hodgkins lymphoma 15 years ago so I guess what i read is making me nervous!

Google- not your best friend at the moment :)

Your signs and symptoms need to be clinically correlated with your lab findings, lab findings alone mean very little. All too often people ask me what's wrong based on labs alone and it just can't be done. If you have concerns of this, I would recommend bringing it up to your Doctor and re-state your family history with your doctor. They should already know this, but for your own peace of mind I would bring it up and ask if there's a correlation with him.

Hopefully this helps.  


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