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I'm not sure you can answer this, but I will try asking anyway.

I'm trying to determine if I have Raynuds or just sensitive skin. I am very fair, and have very sensitive skin. It sunburns easily and gets red easily.

I find that when I'm feeling cold, or touch something cold. The tips (the part that has the finger prints) get red. Never white or blue, just red. They also do this when I get warm or touch something warm. They look like I dipped my finger tips in red/pink ink.

Also, when I'm very warm, other parts of my hands will get red/flush.

I notice my cheeks also get red when either warm or cold.

Is what I described above Raynuds or just sensitive skin.

This question was posed under the Lupus category, so I'm making the assumption that you have lupus? Based on what you've said, it seems very much like perhaps the beginning stages of Raynuad's yes. Many people who experience this do not have to touch the cold object and moreover you should feel some level of discomfort or numbness with Raynaud's. Typically the cause of the phenomenon is unknown, but if you have lupus it could be the underlying issue as that's more common.  


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