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I am currently engaged and my fiance and I are trying to get together all the necessary documentation for our premarital courses.  He does not have a copy of his baptismal certificate and the church that he was baptized in is now closed. We are unsure on where to go now or who to contact. Would you please advise on who we should contact in order to receive a copy?


Congratulations on your engagement, and thank you for your question.

I am surprised that the congregation in which you are getting married is requiring you to produce a copy of your Baptismal Certificates.  They will not merely take the dates that you were baptized? Given the circumstances, especially, I would think that would suffice.

Since your fiancee's baptismal congregation is closed, they may have deposited their records in their synod's archives.  You may have to do a little detective work, and figure out which ELCA synod were they would have belonged (or the LCMS district, if this is Missouri Synod) and then contact that synod office.  They should be able to direct you to any corporate archives that they may have.  It is very possible that all those records would be stored there.

Sorry for this, I hope my answer can piont you in the right direction.

Martin Eldred


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