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My question is this.  Ch. 1 describes a locust plague in detail.  But, I am not sure he is talking about locusts at all.  I believe he is using the locust plague when he is really talking about an invasion by the armies of the North.  I believe he uses the locusts plague to get across to the reader the devastation that the armies are capable of,  What do you think?  Judy Meadows


Thank you for your question.  It is my understanding that you are in agreement with most Old Testament scholars on this.  The prophet, like all of the prophets, uses metaphor and imagery to convey a powerful message to the people of God.

As you say, just as a swarm of locusts devastate the land, and strip everything in their path, so will the invading armies destroy all that seems safe.  Historically, the invading Assyrians leveled towns, destroyed crops and orchards, pillaged the capital of Samaria, and killed or carried away most of the people of the land. The Northern Kingdom ceased to exist, and the people we disbursed among the other conquered lands of the Assyrians. These became the "Lost Tribes" of Israel, never to return.  

I hope that this is helpful

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