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Concerning 1 Cor 13 v10, what is your opinion of what exactly is this perfect they are referring to hear?

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This refers to the completed Bible. This is what is taught in the Lutheran Church. Lutheran services do not include speaking in tongues, nor provide for them to happen. According to the Bible, tongues means the ability to be heard in a language the speaker has never learned, and understood by a native speaker of that language. It was also a sign to the Jews. The need for preaching in languages, which the Holy Spirit fulfilled, was because there were no Bibles at that time, and the only way to preach the Gospel was verbally. Once the Bible was completed (and so stated in Revelation, the last book), it was now possible to translate it into other languages, and to learn other languages in order to teach, because missionaries took the time to learn.

That which was in part were the incomplete statements made through preaching, which were a small portion of the total known knowledge, even at that time. You can only say so much in an hour or more.

Speaking in tongues never meant speaking in some kind of unknown prayer language. This confuses people because the King James translation speaks of "unknown" tongues, but the word "unknown" doesn't occur in the Greek. It was added for the purpose of making the text more understandable, but unfortunately, it only muddied the waters. God doesn't do things in secret. Things done in secret are said to be shameful. The Apostles wrote that this thing (Jesus coming to earth and His life and death) was not done in a corner (i.e. in secret). The Christian faith is the only completed faith based on EVIDENCE. Evidence must be verified. One way it is verified in the Bible is through the use of witnesses. A minimum of two are required. Whenever people speak in a gibberish language (which is all it is), there is no empirical evidence whatsoever as to what they said (supposed interpretation notwithstanding), nor as to the source of what they said or why they said it. It is all private revelation, and the Bible makes it clear that it is not of private interpretation (which would include private revelations done in secret). All of the revelations given to the inspired writers were written down and preserved for us.

At the time Paul wrote to the Corinthians, the Bible was not yet complete. From studying the context, it seems evident that He meant that the Bible would be completed (perfected), and then tongues would cease.

Be very careful. Modern tongue-speaking is almost always a counterfeit, and serves only to distract people from the truth and Christ, and draw them away from the message of salvation.

I hope this helps.


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