Greetings! As I understand it, the ELCA is in full communion with the United Methodist Church. I will soon be moving to the Denver area and am hoping to attend the Iliff School of Theology to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. Iliff is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and I am a Lutheran. Will I be able to apply the M.Div. from Iliff towards being ordained in the ELCA? I hope I'm asking this question correctly. Thank you for you time and for any assistance you can give me in answering this question.
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Thank you for your email.  I am not completely certain on this, but I think you are able to attend Iliff and still be okay for ELCA ordination.  I think you may, however, need to supplement that with a year or part of a year at a Seminary.  

The way to find out is through your synodical candidacy process.  Once you settle in Denver and establish your self in a congregation, you begin the application process through your Synod's office.  They will set you up with a Candidacy Committee, schedule and Initial Interview, and begin the whole process.  The Committee or the Synod Office will be the experts on what needs to be done.

I hope this helps.  Blessings on your decision to enter the MDiv program and on your journey in the process!

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