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Why is there is a growing trend of gay marriage in the church of Christ? I believe all churches proclaiming the gospel of Christ to be the body of Christ. some churches(Christ)(Presbyterian)are endorsing gay marriage which i believe to be an abomination as well as homosexuality. This belief is based on the word of God throughout the bible. Is the church turning apostate? two questions ! I was also raised Lutheran.

Hello, patrick,

Much of what I will tell you here might properly be called my personal opinion as a lifelong Lutheran, Missouri Synod. But let me start with some Lutheran perspectives as background. Luther taught that the church (the body of Christ) is made up of all people who truly believe in Jesus and accept His sacrifice as payment in full for their sins. That is the invisible church, and only God knows who the people are that make up this group. We only know about ourselves. When you say there is this growing trend, you're talking about the collection of people and their organizations that form what Luther called the visible church. It is the organizations made up of people who are affiliated with them as churchgoers or members, that are making these decisions.

I think people often misunderstand what the church is. The church is not a building or an organization. It is the collection of all believers, and nothing more. If you talk about "going to church", you're really talking about going to worship services or divine worship, which is being held by the pastor under the auspices of an organization, whether it be a congregation or a denomination.

In the not-so-distant past, it was Politically Correct to be a Christian, and those who claimed to be Christians tended to support the positions on questions such as this one, which were taught to be correct according to the Bible. Today, there are many people who go to church who aren't really members of the Body of Christ and it is, for them, a social thing. It is still Politically Correct to show up at worship services.

You can say that the positions taken by various denominations are gradually becoming more and more apostate. The Bible is clear that homosexual behavior is condemned. It is a capital offense in the Old Testament. It is a punishment for worshiping the creature rather than the creator in the New. I would include such things as believing in the theory of evolution (or even in theistic evolution) as an example of worshiping the creature. Obviously, not all people who worship the creature will turn to a homosexual lifestyle.

The Bible also makes it clear that marriage is intended, by God, to be the union (physical, mental, spiritual, friendship) between one man and one woman. It is defined in Genesis, and Jesus repeats that definition. Jesus treats the Genesis account as completely true. We also learn from Bible study (and the Lutheran church teaches this), that marriage is a symbol of the relationship between Christ and the church. The church is His bride. Some homosexuals claim that a union between two people of the same gender can also represent that relationship, but I would emphatically disagree with that.

Consider: we weren't made with the plumbing to consummate a physical union between two people of the same gender. It has long been held that consummation is done with a physical act, and that the marriage becomes established with this consummation. We also weren't made with the temperament to make a "union" between two persons of the same gender, emotionally. The complementarity of man and woman is necessary for a marriage to be real. Marriage is intended, in part, to be a circumstance, where people grow in grace through learning to cherish each other, and put the needs of the other ahead of one's own. God also established that the purpose of marriage was to produce children. Two people of the same gender cannot produce children.

If I were looking for a "church home", I would only choose one that was faithful to the teachings of the Bible. I find no justification whatsoever in the Bible for accepting homosexual behavior, let alone grant the status of "marriage" to two of them. I would hold that in general, if you find that kind of glaring problem with a denomination, or two or three such problems, then the poison is deep, and it's a good place to stay away from. In fact, when you "join a church", you submit to the teaching and shepherding of the leadership, usually at least the pastor. If the pastor teaches wrongly on such things, can you trust his other teachings?

In the Lutheran collection of organizations, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is favorable toward homosexuals in leadership positions, contrary to the teachings of Paul that one of the requirements for being a leader is to be the husband of one wife. The Missouri Synod and the Wisconsin Synod, as far as I know, adhere to orthodox teaching in this area. So does the Concordia Conference, and a few other small groups or congregations. Among other denominations, I would reasonably expect orthodox doctrine from the Anglican Orthodox church (a small collection of congregations located in the United States), the Orthodox Presbyterians, and possibly a couple of others. Sad to say, I cannot see any other organization at present as adhering to the full counsel of God.

When it comes to Arizona, I am aware there is a Concordia Conference congregation in Tucson. I am not aware that there is an Anglican Orthodox or Orthodox Presbyterian congregation anywhere in the state of Arizona.

If I were looking, I would also look for a church that teaches that abortion is an abomination, but that reaches out to women and abortionists because their sins were also paid for on Calvary, and they can also be saved.

In short, homosexual "marriage" is anti-biblical, and by and large, organizations called "churches" are becoming apostate.

We are called to love people who identify as homosexuals. We are called to tell them the truth, because the Bible makes it clear that homosexuals who live as such will not be saved. I would regard it as the height of cruelty NOT to tell them the truth in love. Obviously, saving them is God's job, but it is OUR job to tell the truth.

Let me know if this answers your question. May God bless you.


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