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Lutherans/desert wandering for 40 years


Was it the general sinfulness of the Israelites that caused them to wander in the desert for 40 years before reaching the promised land or a specific act (i.e. the making of the golden calf)?  This has troubled me for a while & different bible scholars cite different reasons.  I would really appreciate your clarification on this matter.  thank you, Judy


Thank you for your question.  I will begin by saying that we are straying into an area (Old Testament interpretation) that I am not fully expert in, so I am not aware of the complete arguments of various OT scholars.  I do, however, have a working knowledge of some of the issues and themes of the Exodus.

I would say that the generally sinfulness and stubbornness of the Adult generation that left Egypt is the primary reason for the wandering.  They consistently disobey, complain, and fail to trust in God's providing.  They chafe against God's direction and take it out on Moses.  God finally realizes that there is too much "Egypt" in these people, that they cannot shake the hierarchical power structures of Master/Slave, so they rebel against God's more egalitarian society (The issue over Manna and hording is one example).  In a human way, I suppose, these are slaves who have never experienced the freedom they are now called into, they've never had a real society -- only one with masters and bosses.  Trusting in a God they cannot see is a big leap.

"They shall never enter into my rest." Might be one way in which God determines that this generation is not really equipped to create a new nation on the Promised Land.  The older generation sends spies into the Promised Land and they come back with tales of giants.  They are too afraid to take the next step.  Instead, the children - -raised in the desert, learning to trust God for all their needs for all of their lives -- they are the ones that will adequately understand a life of faith in God's salvation and guiding.  They next generation see the Promised Land as a place "flowing with milk and honey."  They can trust in God enough to enter and conquer.

I hope that this is helpful.

Martin Eldred  


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