Liz C. wrote at 2007-09-06 22:53:20
Lutherans and Baptists also differ in their views of communion.  

Lutherans believe that Christ's body and blood are actually received in communion with, in, and under the bread and wine.

Baptists believe that the bread and wine (or rather grape juice in most Baptist churches) merely represents the body and blood of Christ.

As well, conservative Lutherans practice close communion, while Baptists practice open communion.

Sandy wrote at 2009-02-18 22:12:28
You may be an expert on the Lutheran beliefs, but not on the Baptist.  If you look under the Baptist Faith & Message you will see that we do Not believe in predestination.  We believe that God knows the choices man will make but He gives them the option to either choose to believe in Christ and be saved or to choose not to accept Christ and thus be condemned to hell.  Please check your information before making a statement of fact.  Thanks

P wrote at 2010-08-11 14:54:47
#1 is entirely incorrect. Baptist DO NOT believe in predestination. We believe that Jesus came to provide salvation for ALL who accept him and that God does not predestine anyone to hell.

Dennis Powell wrote at 2014-06-05 15:06:12
Baptists do NOT believe in predestination.  

Not all baptists believe in eternal security.

I would be interested in knowing where you are getting your information about Baptists.


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