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Lutherans/Evangelical Lutheran Church vs. Evangelical Free


Sam wrote at 2007-12-04 21:02:44
Lutherans believe that they are a Christian through their baptism.  Evangelical Free church believes that salvation comes through accepting  Christ who died on the cross for sin of the world and asking for forgiveness.  Accepting is also involves that you are to live in eternity after death with the Lord.  Therefore, the way you live is not solely the church but having a personal relationship with the Lord through praying, reading & folllowing the Bible and worshiping him in all that you do.  They are no rituals to follow but God is the head of the church and the Bible is of great authority.  I hope this helps!  It's not a religion but a relationship.

Mike, Pam, Cal, Vic, Chet, Lou Griffith wrote at 2008-12-01 18:41:05
I have read many of Gordon's answers and he is right on for most of his responses.  I am ELCA, but attended an LCMS college and studied much of their theology.  The ELCA also differs with the LCMS in the order of communion.  The LCMS practices close communion, which really means closed until you speak with the pastor about your beliefs, and the ELCA leaves the participation of communion up to the person on if they are worthy or not of the elements.  Open communion is usually explained in the church bulletin and by the ELCA pastor before communion.

In regards to ELCA views on:

ELCA:  teaches salvation outside of Christianity, favors women pastors,

leans towards homosexual rights and ordination, teaches evolution, and is

fairly pro-abortion.

If you would read the ELCA web page you will get a different answer than the above.

God bless all of you.

Mike Griffith

Jen wrote at 2010-03-31 15:27:59
Saying ELCA is "pro-abortion" is really wrong.  That makes it sound like ELCA members are going around encouraging pregnant women to get abortions and that is just not so.

Mark Melrose wrote at 2013-08-20 20:30:39
The ELCA organization IS pro-abortion in that they pay for abortions for ANY reason(up to 20 weeks)through their group health plan. The ELCA also funds or owns hospitals that provide abortions. Many ELCA members have no idea of this policy (like myself, a former ELCA member). The fact that some ELCA members who do know this, claim they are pro-life but do not challenge this policy with the powers that be, is quite troubling and one of many reason why I left the ELCA.


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