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Lyme Disease/Lyme and co-infections - doxy/diflucan


JohnSabo wrote at 2010-12-16 00:53:19
There is no data or evidence that Diflucan is a cyst buster. It is effective at preventing and treating candida as well as inhibiting certain lyme related bacterium.

Barbara wrote at 2016-04-21 02:22:58
Hi everyone,

I was VERY ill with systemic candida, parasites, and what I believe was Lymes. I purchased a zapper called the Harmonic Quad 4, and a small bottle of liquid that contained banana peel and persimmon..I don't recall the name of it, but I bought it thru Precision Herbs LLC. They also have the zapper..only now it is called a 5 instead of 4, but it should perform the same. These items were purchased about ten years ago, so ask for the same recipe in the liquid. The liquid is designed to agitate the Lymes virus so it comes out of the blood cells, and can then be zapped, so it dies. I took a teaspoon of the liquid, which agitates the Lymes, I waited 20 minutes after taking the liquid, and then I used the zapper for 10 minutes or so. I used a sterilized large mouth Mason jar the next time I had to urinate, and you would have been totally amazed at what was flushed out of my body. The whole bottom of the jar was covered in what looked like white sand. (These was about two or three Tablespoons of the 'white sand' looking stuff.  I believe that the 'sand' looking stuff was in reality dead Lymes, and the broken blood cells that had been holding the Lymes. Regardless, I have done this procedure again, a couple of times, and never again had those results, so apparently I got them all the first time. Praise Jesus! This was the beginning of my healing..I hope you find this info. useful.

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I can answer questions about Lyme disease and recommend websites where one can find good, up-to-date information. I can also tell you how to find a Lyme specialist which is critical if you or anyone you know suspects that he or she may have Lyme disease. I can, also, provide you with a symptoms list.


I suffered for 2 years with a bad case of neurological Lyme disease & finished a 37-month course of antibiotics in March, 2007. I went undiagnosed for 2 years, & saw a total of 14 various doctors and 'ologists. I attended a two-day Lyme conference in the spring of 2005 and I keep myself current on the topic of Lyme disease. I quickly learned that YOU CAN HAVE A FLAMING CASE OF LYME DISEASE AND STILL HAVE NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS! It is essential for anyone who suspects that he/she may have Lyme disease to be tested for the co-infections that can occur with it. Only a Lyme specialist can perform these tests and make these diagnoses.

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