Lyme Disease/Bullseye rash


Shannon wrote at 2006-12-11 05:09:04
Where do you live? It could have been a (mild) brown reculse spider bite. They're known to sometimes cause bullseye patterns, especially if the tissue necrosis is very mild. That would make sense also, as you had patches in more than one spot. The spiders like to hide in dark places, and often get into clothing. It could have bitten you while trapped against your skin inside the clothing (possibly more than once). I've also heard stories of the venom traveling along nerve or vascular pathways to other parts of the body and causing simultaneous bite reactions, even in a place where no bite actually took place. Uck, I live in New Orleans, and those scary things are everywhere! If that is what bit you, you are very, very lucky it wasn't worse! Some people need skin grafts to take care of those bites.

Take care!  

complicated case wrote at 2009-06-21 20:04:47
BTW, Carol, I had a bad case of SHINGLES on my left arm, last Summer, so it CAN appear on one's arm! It was definitely Shingles. I took Valtrex, Neurontin... the works. Oh, and the best thing I found for the pain and itching was apple cider vinegar, applied full strength! (Along with painkillers).

Just for the record, I had another weird rash on my chest a month or so ago... was tested for Lyme Disease, and the test result was negative (I didn't realize that one could have it with a negative test result.)

(I was perusing this site in hopes of figuring out a current rash on my stomach).

Good luck!

Kim Rader wrote at 2010-04-26 08:24:58
The computer just deleted my long explanation, but I couldn't leave without helping others!

So here's the short version:

Look for an integrative doctor who does meyer's cocktails or vit c iv therapy! You will feel good & be back to normal in a day or two! But be sure to do iv's every 12-24 hrs for at least two days after feeling cured, this is to build the immune system.

Also look into therapeutic essential oils ! I can also send a link to integrative physician listings (for free).  

babes17 wrote at 2010-05-25 15:06:58

You are absolutely wrong about human beings passing Lyme Disease to one another. It does not work that way. It only affects pregnant mother and child.  

Steph wrote at 2015-05-30 16:53:31
Carol - not good to pass on incorrect information about shingles.  This is exactly why people need to see a professional and not rely on internet "diagnosis". Very irresponsible because there are people who will believe you know what you are talking about. I know you are trying to be helpful, but this could do more harm than good.  

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I can answer questions about Lyme disease and recommend websites where one can find good, up-to-date information. I can also tell you how to find a Lyme specialist which is critical if you or anyone you know suspects that he or she may have Lyme disease. I can, also, provide you with a symptoms list.


I suffered for 2 years with a bad case of neurological Lyme disease & finished a 37-month course of antibiotics in March, 2007. I went undiagnosed for 2 years, & saw a total of 14 various doctors and 'ologists. I attended a two-day Lyme conference in the spring of 2005 and I keep myself current on the topic of Lyme disease. I quickly learned that YOU CAN HAVE A FLAMING CASE OF LYME DISEASE AND STILL HAVE NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS! It is essential for anyone who suspects that he/she may have Lyme disease to be tested for the co-infections that can occur with it. Only a Lyme specialist can perform these tests and make these diagnoses.

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