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Lyme Disease/confused- what should I do?


david wrote at 2009-09-20 10:37:14

This is an alternative, that is less of a danger and more complementary health wise.

Go to

Have a look at either their Cowden treatment protocol or if you can't afford that try Samento, Cumanda and burbur.

They will send you a leaflet to explain how to take the herbs.

Good Luck & Blessings


Lydia wrote at 2010-02-27 01:48:50
I have had borrelia burghdorfi (sp?) for 15 years.  I wasn't diagnosed until after 8 years of suffering.  It was an E. TN specific strain.  Western Blot is negative.  After a couple of years of 5-day/month specific antibiotic treatment, I went into remission.  The Lyme has a 30-day cycle.  Overuse of antibiotics only causes it to mutate. I use Ledum Palustre, 30c, which veterinarians use to treat animals who have been bitten by ticks.  It is a natural antibiotic that attacks this bacteria.  Bruising causes a flare-up:  aches, pains, difficulty with memory retrieval, etc.  Lyme bacteria feed on old blood, tissue.  I use a paste of ground-up Ledum and lotion to directly apply to the bruise and after the bruise is gone, and the red knot (Lyme cyst)shortly goes away.  When the bruise/knot are finally healed, my symptoms abate.  The memory retrieval will probably always be with me, but it is manageable.  Phosphatidylersrine, in various forms is helpful for mental sharpness, and L-Tyrosine is good for the edginess from the nervous system overload.  I still have pain as I try to recover my muscle tone, but I am still active in spite of this.  Homeopathic works for me, may not work for others.  It's cheap and worth a try.  Lyme bacteria does not like heat.  If one is cold-natured or has low thyroid function they will be more miserable.  Good luck!

Pattie wrote at 2013-03-05 14:28:02
Hi Crystal,  My name is Pattie I have had lymes for about 2 years now.  I tried antibiotics  orally and IV.  They worked for a few weeks then my symptoms came back.  I did research on the internet and found 2 herbs that are working for me.  The 1 is called Samento (Cats Claw) and the other is Banderol.  They did a study in Lymes Conn, and they said it works better then the Antibiotics and you can stay on it for a long time because  its natural.  Look on the internet for Townsendletter Study in Lymes Conn. and Effectiveness of Samento and Benderol on Borrela Burgdorfe...  I have been on the 2 herbs for 8 months and I am feeling good.  The lymes affected my brain, eyes, and joints.  And I have to tell you I have noticed a big difference.  My mind is not foggy, my eyes are better, and my joints feel better.  I hope this helps you, it did me.  The site that sells the herbs is ask for Derek the phone number is 800-215-4682 he will explain the study to you and ask him to send you the info on the Townsendletter Study in Lymes Conn. If you need to get in touch with me my number is 609-625-5679.  Feel Better :)  

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I can answer questions about Lyme disease and recommend websites where one can find good, up-to-date information. I can also tell you how to find a Lyme specialist which is critical if you or anyone you know suspects that he or she may have Lyme disease. I can, also, provide you with a symptoms list.


I suffered for 2 years with a bad case of neurological Lyme disease & finished a 37-month course of antibiotics in March, 2007. I went undiagnosed for 2 years, & saw a total of 14 various doctors and 'ologists. I attended a two-day Lyme conference in the spring of 2005 and I keep myself current on the topic of Lyme disease. I quickly learned that YOU CAN HAVE A FLAMING CASE OF LYME DISEASE AND STILL HAVE NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS! It is essential for anyone who suspects that he/she may have Lyme disease to be tested for the co-infections that can occur with it. Only a Lyme specialist can perform these tests and make these diagnoses.

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