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LymeGuy wrote at 2013-04-17 16:33:25
Hello, I also suffer from chronic LD with similar symptoms. I would contact your LLMD and request Restoril ( Temazepam ) for sleep. Temazepam is a benzodiazepine sleeping pill that is used to treat the symptoms of insomnia. I would also try Gabapentin (Neurontin) for the nerve pain. I also tried Lyrica but it made me feel groggy and angry all the time. The Lyrica made the mood swings worse. The combination of Temazepam for sleep, Gabapentin for nerve pain and Oxycodone for pain have helped me cope with the symptoms. Also, B-vitimans and omega oils have helped. I hope this helps to improve your quality of life.


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I truly believe that I could answer just about anything when it comes to Lyme. If I'm the least bit unsure, I have a database to turn to that I have been working on for almost 2 years now. I would be happy to work with any Lyme patient, for as long as it takes, to give hope and more importantly show them they not alone and defenseless.


I new something was wrong well over 5 years ago. I went through the typical; MS, Chronic Fatigue, all in your head diagnosis'. Nothing short of a miracle happened this year when I found a doctor who actually has Lyme himself as does his wife. By the time I got to him my health was in grave danger of possible multiple organ failure. I had a career in commercial real estate for over 17 years which I had to quit 3 years ago. I opened a small business, but that didn't work either because I simply could not maintain it. I have herxed and been through many different drug therapies until we found the right combination that wouldn't land me in the hospital. The doctor who I previously mentioned has gone above and beyond the call of duty despite the fact I have no insurance and my savings were used up long ago by physicians that only made my condition worse. I have always been compelled to help - I was the sole caregiver for my grandfather for 4 years and also actively advocate animal rights.

Humane Society of the US, Conservation Intl., The Smithsonian, Save Tibet and The National Geographic Society

Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics - I aspire to be a Behavioral Biologist. This disease has prevented me from moving forward in my education.

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I would be greatly honored to help others in need. Humanity is the key to engage societies and individuals in letting fear go and threfore ending the suffering of so many.

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