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MASH/Col. Potter's tontine toast


Can you give me the words used in his toast at the end of the episode "Old Soldiers"?  Thanks.

There is a long dialogue leading up to the actual toast where Colonel Potter explains the history of the bottle and his friends from WWI.  The following is the dialogue of the actual toast:

"Here's to you, boys.
To Ryan, who died in W.W.I, the war to end all wars.
To Gianelli, who died in the war after that.
To Stein, the joker of the crowd.
And to Gresky, my best friend who just passed away in Tokyo.
You were the friends of my youth.
My comrades through thick and thin and everything in between.
I drink to your memories.
I loved you fellows, one and all."

Let me know if you need anything else.  Sorry it took so long to respond.


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