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MASH/Inspiration for Houlihan character


MASHtruthforyou wrote at 2013-01-05 18:50:03
My grandmother was a major contributor to the character and the writers pretty much based hot lips off of her.  Her name is Janie Hall.  She is very humble so she never really spoke much about her contributions.  she is featured on the documentary "The Real MASH"

as far as this Hammerly person is concerned, I highly doubt they exist.

I hope this helps :)

Gerry wrote at 2015-12-12 14:19:27
I sat beside a woman in her 70's on a plane from Detroit to New York. She was very feisty, a fine looking woman then & I can imagine a true looker in her day. She was incredibly engaging, funny, controversial & forthright. A petty argument over seating arrangements saw her make a very caustic, slightly inappropriate but still very funny comment to me, which I couldn't help but laugh about but challenged never the less. It was a race related comment, nothing too serious though. She then went on to explain in some detail that she was a frontline nurse in frontline action which gave her a different outlook on life from most. She recounted a few stories both harrowing and incredibly funny and told me that the character in MASH hot lips was based on her. She gave me her name which I sadly forget though I remember it had an Irish ring to it but it wasn't Houlihan, from memory it was similar. She also told me that she read a poem in Washington every year as part of s ceremony for war veterans and in remember menace of war dead.

I have to say given the nature of her stories and her overall demeanour I believed her. It was an amazing and completely random & candid conversation. This lady could clearly look after herself! She looked the part with striking blond hair and she had lips to match. I've often tried to remember her name and I'm surprised to also have found difficulty tracing who the real 'hot lips' was. Ice read the character was based on two real life figured & if so I'd bet she was one of them. She was without doubt a one off.  


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