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Doug wrote at 2012-12-21 02:11:45
Edgar Raymond "Pete" Miller III, now a professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, was in grad school with me in the 1980s; he completed a Ph.D. in Marine Biology around 1987 prior to going to Medical School and had done a Master's Degree prior to that.  He was never an actor, so that must be another Edgar Raymond Miller III.  What are the odds there would be more than one person with that name?

Luanne wrote at 2015-04-10 05:09:20
Judy, I looked up that episode of Queer as folk, and Edgar Miller isn't listed there? Also his imdb only lists M*A*S*H as his only acting job? So he's MIA! I wish we could find out where he ended up! He was a cute little boy!  


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