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MASH/Hawkeye on death


MishMash wrote at 2011-04-20 16:24:12
I think the scene this question refers to could be in at least a couple of episodes.

But I believe the question refers to the scene with Charles Winchester and Sgt Rizzo in season 9 - The Life You Save.  That's one of my favorite eps. in the show. (This episode has some of the funniest scenes ever written on paper-- The scene where Hawkeye lectures the chef on French Toast is the unbelievably funny and the scene where Hawkeye and Klinger rotate the trays to Houlihan is hysterical.  Great Comedy.) This episode is among the very best writing on TV...

It's the episode where Winchester gets overly dramatic after nearly getting hit by a sniper.  Later, he orders Rizzo to dismantle a jeep and lay the parts on a white cloth.  The words "switch" is never used, so either it is another scene or maybe "switch" refers to the crux of the scene.  Here's the monologue where Charles compares cars to people as Rizzo pulls apart the jeep...

"...Don't you understand the power you have here?  You can take a jeep apart and reduce it to an inert pile of junk.  And whenever you want to, at a whim, you can fit it together again and it would roar back to life.  Only if we could do that with human beings, they wouldn't die."

JENNY wrote at 2011-06-27 18:47:35
Are you thinking of the episode The Life You Save?  It's the one that starts with a sniper firing on the compound and BJ and Charles are hiding under a Jeep trying to bring a patient back to life. Then afterwards Charles notices that there is a bullet hole in his hat and from then on he is obsessed about death.  The only speech i remember him making is when he was having the Jeep taken apart into pieces and placed on the sheets.  Then wondering why it wasn't possible to take a person apart and then put them back together and come back to life.

nordmichael wrote at 2012-11-26 02:09:09
Season 5 episode 14, The most unforgettable characters

Uncle Fester wrote at 2013-03-24 17:42:47
There was one episode where Hawkeye was fighting to keep a soldier alive and was very depressed when the soldier expired. Hawkeye said something very profound, something to the effect, "You wonder who you are wrestling with try to keep a soldier alive. Is it the Soldier, Yourself, Death, or God?"


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