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MASH/autographed lithograph


I have a lithograph which appears to have been autographed by all MASH major players. In print it says "there are rare events that capture the heart and imagination of an entire nation. the night of February 28, 1983 was such an event. Were proud to have been part of it. CBS" the signatures are in different ink and don't appear to be copies but I am not sure. How can i be sure that i have something authentic or just a copy? And if it is authentic, it is for sale.
Thanks for any help what so ever, Bob


I collect autographs, and the man I trust to authenticate my stuff is JD Bardwell...

He knows his stuff... I would contact him and ask him if he might help you authenticate it.. and if it comes out to be a good one, he can also assist you with the sale...

Hope this helps,



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