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A few years ago someone asked you about the background music in MASH. In the early years there was quite a variety of original music, and some of it went well beyond variations of the main theme. Do you know if there is a collection of "incidental music"?


Hi Ari!

We all love the different songs from MASH, and of course we love the ones that were sung in Korean but were American songs, as well as all of Charles' classical music, and the many renditions of the theme song.  There is no formal compilation of all of this music, though you can search on You Tube and find a lot of scenes that have the music - that usually quickly disappear if they cross any copyright laws as Fox guards MASH very closely.

There is an album from the Movie Mash -

And while it includes a lot of dialogue and the theme song both with and without words, it doesn't have any complete songs from the background.

One day, someone might get the great idea to put this together, but until then, your best recourse is to buy the DVD's and listen as you go!

Thanks so much for asking, I hope this helps, and VIVA LA MASH!!!



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