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MASH/Possible PVC pipes


On the episode where Frank had to have his hernia operation, a shot of the scrub sink was shown. It appeared that the pipe leading to the faucets was PVC pipe. Was it or were the metal pipes just painted white?

Hi Alethea!

I'm so sorry this took so long, I didn't get the notification, just a reminder about this question..   Please forgive the lapse.

On your question - Good observation, however the pipes are painted white.   If you go to this link  and scroll down, past the picture of Hawkeye and BJ, you will see a really good shot of the scrub sink, with someone washing their hands, and you can see the pipes are the grey ones that are painted white.  The shot I have is from Season 5 - so it is later than the one with Frank's hernia, which was in Season 2, I guess the paint had time to wear off since then.  LOL

Thanks so much for asking, I hope this helps, and as always.... Viva La Mash!!!!  


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