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I have recently acquired seasons 4, 5, & 7 on DVD.  On several episodes, there is a dark-haired corspman who never has a speaking part and I never heard anyone call him by name.  In "Movie Tonight," he is seated just to the left of the projector and throws popcorn at Klinger.  In "Dear Ma," he walks by BJ and BJ asks if he wants to buy a watch.  He just smiles and walks by.   Who is this actor?   I was 4 years old when MASH started and had no memory of even Trapper John or Lt.Col. Blake until I saw it in reruns.  So, I don't know if he was on any earlier episodes.

Hi again Becky!

There is a possiblity that you are talking about Dennis Troy, who wears glasses and never has a speaking part until the final episode, when he says he is going back to New York!   Does that sound right?

Hi Becky!

I am going to go back and watch those episodes to see who you are talking about.  My first suspicion is that it is Roy Goldman, who appeared in most of the M*A*S*H episodes, but I want to check.

I promise to look tonight, and get right back with you!!!!

Thanks for asking, and viva La Mash!!!


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