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Phyllis West wrote at 2013-10-15 22:14:12
Hi Ed (and also a "hi" to your guest who commented on the song"Bye-lo"), my Dad, Ray Perkins, did indeed write that lovely song, and he also sang it to my big sis, born in 1933!. Dad Graduated from Columbia University, I believe in 1917, fought in WW1,and also in WW2 under General Eisenhower.  He retired from military service as a full colonel.  He began his long music and composition career in NYC, hanging around with buds Paul Whitman et all, on NBC.  Post WW11, exhausted and ready to slow down a bit, he created a well-known local radio show called "The Ray Perkins Show" in Denver, Colorado at then KFEl.  This is just a fraction of this amazing life.  Oh, by the way, as a newly married red-headed Irishman, composer and musician, he recorded with Thomas Alva Edison in the early twenties in East Orange, NJ.  That in itself was enough to fill a few pages!  Anyway, thanks to you both for your knowledge and appreciation of this sweet sweet lullaby!

Phyllis West wrote at 2013-10-15 22:17:23
P.S. I'd love to see the Mash episode in which "Bye-Lo" was performed - by Radar, one of our most beloved characters!


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