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MASH/Hawkeyes' early home state


As a native Vermonter, I've wondered for years why in at least one episode early on and maybe two, he referred to Vermont as his home.
One of the references was to his father's shoe store as being in Vermont.  Why was it changed?

Hi Gary,
 For starters, That wasn't his father's shoe store he was referring to. Hawkeye's father was always a doctor.
 As for his home being Vermont early on and then changing to Crab Apple Cove was due to the fact that the show never used a writer's guide. They just went from script to script. If someone wanted to write an episode of Star Trek, the Next Generation, they had to go by the guide to keep everything in order.
  This caused some inconsistencies in MASH. For instance, early on Henry's wife was named Mildred, then changed to Lorraine. Later, Potter was from Nebraska, then Hannibal, Missouri.
  There are other examples of this, some of which concern Radar. Not using a writer's guide is the reason why.
   I hope I've answered your question and thanks for using
 Ed Solomonson


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