Where ca I get a copy of the Miller Sisters song Again?

Hello John!

The Miller Sisters is not an actual group of singing sisters, but was a group of actors who played the Miller Sisters in that episode.  Jean Turrell, Marilyn King, and Joan Lucksinger.   I believe Marilyn King was actually a member of the King Sisters, who are pictured here. - with Marilyn to the far left.   However, that may be a different Marilyn King, and the name a coincidence.  The other two are listed with INDB as "Actors" and their only credit worth mentioning is the episode SHOWTIME from MASH.

I looked up the soundtrack of Showtime - and it lists all of the songs, who wrote them and who sung them on the show, and it emphasizes that these songs may not be found on recordings or CDs.

The song 'Again" was a popular song, recorded by many singers so perhaps you can find a rendition that you like. The music was written by Lionel Newman, the words by Dorcas Cochran. It first appeared in the original movie Road House (1948), sung by Ida Lupino.  An instrumental rendition was used in the movie "Pickup on South Street" (1953). By 1949, versions by Vic Damone, Doris Day, Tommy Dorsey, Gordon Jenkins, Vera Lynn, Art Mooney, and Mel Tormé all made the Billboard charts.  

I'm sorry this isn't what you were hoping for, and I was dismayed as well to find that three talented singing actresses played these parts, as they certainly appeared to be an actual singing group.   Thank you for asking, and VIVA LA MASH  


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