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MASH/Thanks for the wagon, Jimmy.


I watched the episode about the general's son today.  I was wondering if he borrowed the wagon to climb the tree mentioned later by his dad (the general).  Just a thought.

Hi Donna!   I have been asked this question before by "Karen" - Karen seems to remember that in the original showing, there is a story about the generals son and his brother Jimmy, however - I don't remember it, and neither do my fanatic fan friends.   

Karen stated... It's a puzzle that's driving me nuts, because I can remember that way back, the comment made sense.  Now, it seems totally out of place.  If I'm remembering correctly, the "Oh, nothing" comment was because the story he was remembering about his interaction with his brother, Jimmy, had him acting like a bully, just like the father's behavior, showing his father in a bad light, so he didn't want to repeat it.  This is the story line that has apparently been cut from the original.  

My response to her was...I have polled all of my buds on the MASH website, and none of them remember the story you are referring to being in the episode.  They also agree that it is not on the DVD or the VHS.  That doesn't mean it didn't happen (they don't remember the close up of Trapper running by the helicopter in the original opening credits either, but it happened) -so maybe they are all second generation watchers.

Everyone has the same consensus that your version makes more sense.  I will continue to try to find a concrete copy of the story - because the DVDs are not supposed to be cut - but there are exceptions.  The episode that happens in "real time" has been cut (you know, the one where the clock is in the bottom corner) - so there is a possibility that the story was cut out of the episode in question as well.

I need to check it out one more time - but your answer also makes a lot of sense.   Thanks for asking, I'm back on the search for an answer - and as always VIVA LA MASH!  


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