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I know hawkeye sulated cause he was made to but who is the only one he sulated cause he
Wanted to?

Hello Robert!

There is a common "myth" with Mashees that Hawkeye only saluted once, and it was to Radar - which he did do when Radar was leaving in "Goodbye Radar" and the others were all taking care of wounded.   But he also saluted Colonel Potter in "Goodbye Farewell Amen", and he saluted Frank more than once in jest.   He once saluted a nurse who lost her towel!  And he saluted Margaret and Frank in one episode as they huffed out of Henry's office.  In all, Hawkeye saluted at least 13 times in the series, but not very seriously most times.  

Thanks for asking!  and as always Viva La Mash! - Judy


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