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At the end of the mash movie Hawkeye and trapper are going home so how did they get back to the 4077 in the series.

Hi Frank!

The movie and the television series are separate entities.   The movie was taken from the book MASH written by Richard Hooker - who actually experienced much of what he wrote about - while the television show was "based" on the movie - i.e., same characters, same setting, same scenario - but then the television show took on a life of its own, and became the mega hit it was, and really had not much to do with the movie after the first couple of seasons.

For instance - Henry didn't die in the movie, but he did in the series.   Frank didn't leave because of Margaret getting married in the movie - he was sent out for going psycho on Hawkeye about Margaret.  In the series he went back to the states and got a promotion.

By the same token, in the movie Hawkeye was the married one, and he was not a philanderer - while in the television show Hawkeye is single and a ladies man.   Trapper in the movie is single AND he is the chest cutter, in the television show Trapper is married, a philanderer and Hawkeye is the chest cutter.

In the movie Hot Lips is really straight laced until she meets Frank, but she ends up being with Duke in the end, while Hot Lips in the show had her name before she met Frank, and has been with many generals etc.  She changes a great deal during the show.

New characters appeared in the show, making it even more different as time went on.

AND in the movie Radar was a sharp little con man interested in girls and cards, while he started out that way in the television show, he ended up by Season 2 as a na´ve boy from Iowa.

So, as you can see - while the two entities have the same characters to start out with - they really are quite different - and one is not the continuation of the other, but more of a "what might have been" - like a parallel universe.

Hope this helps - thanks for letting me compare the two, and as always VIVA LA MASH!! - Judy


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