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MASH/value of vhs never viewed tapes


I have a collection of mash series tapes from Columbia house. some or most are still in cello wrap. what would an individual tape be worth. I only watched the first tape and collected the rest removing them from the mailer and not opening the cello wrap. I am planning on donating them to a veterans resort and would like an amount for tax purposes. Thank you

Hi Daniel,
 Sadly, your collection, as well as mine, is not worth that much on today's market. Individual tapes range in price from $1.50 to $6.00 per tape.
 I would suggest you write this off for the amount you originally paid to Columbia House Video. If you no longer have the paperwork from them, you can try contacting them for copies. I think its completely reasonable to deduct what you paid, providing you have the necessary proof.
 However, since I am not a tax expert by any means, you might want to consult an accountant.
 Sorry I cannot be of more help in this area.
Ed Solomonson


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