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MASH/music played on "Edwina"


lucilanga wrote at 2014-04-14 22:21:00
If you're referring to the exact moment when Radar, Hawkeye and Trap come out of the tent, than the song is called: "El gato montÚs" which translates to The Wild Cat (a Spanish opera)

Mark wrote at 2016-11-05 03:42:27
I think I found it. It's an excerpt from a bullfight tune called "El Gato Montes". Found it on ITunes. (Ramon Cortez Pasodoble Orchestra sounds the closest--Spain 20 Bullfighting favorites)

miccus wrote at 2017-01-17 00:10:49
The bullfight analogy would certainly appear to be true but I believe the music, known as a Deguello (Slit Throat, implying no quarter would be given), originally came from a fanfare sounded by Spanish armies at the commencement of a battle. It was exported to Spanish Colonies in Central and South America and probably its most well known rendition is in the film The Alamo, starring John Wayne. Several Internet sources incorrectly state that this was a piece performed by buglers but the reality was a performance by trumpeters, typically a squad of at least four musicians, who played the piece in unison. A bugle does not have sufficient notes for a full Deguello.


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