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MASH/music played on "Edwina"


What is the music played when Hawkeye is escorted to pick up Edwina for their date?  Sounds like something that would be played at a bullfight.

Hi Butch,
  Since it appears Hawkeye is being escorted to just that, a bullfight, you are correct. It's a standard Spanish tune used for different events. Could be a tune called, En "Er" Mundo," but since there are so many of these traditional songs, it is very hard to find exactly which one it is. It is most likely a "stock" sound track used by the studio.  
  As a side note on this episode, let's just say it was not Alan Alda's favorite, nor was it Larry Gelbart's.
  I wish I could have been more help to you.

Ed Solomonson


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