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From 1973 to 1976 I was stationed at the Mash unit in Uejonbu South Korea that the tv show was based on,  I was the only enlisted man with a private car, my last name is spelled close to the name of Potter the Koreans guards at the gate used to call me Mr Potter when I drove thru the gate . I know that there someone from the Mash tv show were in Korea during 1973 or 74 for a month or so to get ideas for the show.  This is when the name of Rosie's bar and the Helicopter pilot Dangerous Dan came about. I spoke to the real Dangerous Dan abot 20 years ago and also thought the name Potter probably came from the funny way my name was pronounced. Do you know if this is true?

Hi Stanley,

What a great story and a great connection to MASH!  I don't know why they chose Potter's last name, but your guess is as good as any, and if I were you that would be my story and I would stick to it!!!  Of course, back in 73 they had no idea that there would ever be a Colonel Potter, as Colonel Blake was on the show for the first three seasons.

I bet it was great meeting the real Dangerous Dan!

I wish I had a better answer for you, but without knowing about that visit myself, I just don't have a real clue.

Thank you for asking, and as always, VIVA LA MASH!


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