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I know that Loudon Wainwright appeared on MASH, but there was one guitarist that was sitting in the swamp with the boys.  He was holding the guitar and having a conversation with them. He had dark hair, but I know it wasn't Waiwright.  Who was it?

Hello again Pat!

I actually have the answer for you!   The episode was Five O'Clock Charlie, and the guitar player was the dentist.  Cardozo. This episode marks the only appearance of Captain Phil Cardozo, apparently a visiting dentist. Cardozo makes the intelligent observation that Hawkeye and Trapper should forget about Frank and get rid of the ammo dump. Cardozo is played by actor Corey Fischer, who also appeared in the movie 'MASH' as Capt. Dennis Patrick Bandini.

You can get all the info on Corey Fisher here -

Hope this helps, sorry for any confusion, and as always VIVA LA MASH!!!!


Hi Pat!

I am certain I can help you with this question.   Can you give me the episode?   Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.



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