I have seen all the episodes many times, I still do not like the original movie.

In the opening scene, before the nurses, it shows the choppers coming over the mountains. Aren't all of those scenes filmed in California?
At least twice, Radar is seen playing drums. Can he do that in real life?

There will be more as I think of them.  Thanx

Hi Allen!

The beginning scene of MASH is used throughout the entire series.   It was indeed filmed in California, at what is now Malibu State Park, where all of the true outdoor scenes of MASH were filmed.  (There are some scenes that are supposed to occur outside that clearly are filmed in a studio)

Gary Burghoff is an accomplished drummer and his performances in MASH were his own.   He is a member of a jazz ensemble called "The We Three".   He is also an artist, and a stamp collector, as well as a born again Christian.  At one time he was a member of a group called The Relatives (in the 60s) alongside Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman).

I, Like you, am a total fan of the series, and not so much of the black comedy original movie.

Thank you for asking, and hope this helps!   Viva La Mash!!



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