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Scott wrote at 2016-05-17 02:43:17
Those that were "chummy" with Charles, minus the one Koran Professional, Soon Yi I think the character was called, was Hot lips old friend, Loraine, who came with the Surgeon Dupree from the 8803, the musically talented, and classical trained at Juliard from the USO, whom shows Winchester up when just gives up the accordian after Charles teases her of playing boogey-woogey, the again classically trained pianist with the permanently injured right hand that Charles gets Kinger to pick up sheet music from the Rival, the Austrian pianist who also most his right handing during the Great War, a touching moment between Charles and Max through him discovering Charles' family tradition of a true act of charity has to be anonymous through over hearing when Charledsconfronting the Orphanage's care giver, Mr. Choi when he sold the Wallingford & Chadwick chocolates on the blackmarket for a month's worth of cabbage, with Hawkeye when his father, Dr.Pierce was having surgery and Charles explain where I have a father, you have a dad, the French nurse who he breaks it off with after finding out that she lived with Robert without being married, the last episodes when he teaches the POWs to play Mozart of their Korean instruments,  


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