Hello, my name is Brandon, it has now come to my attention that I DO NOT have all the MASH vhs tapes as I thought I did. I read your answer about there being 71 tapes. However we only own 18: 5 of which are still unopened. My mom got me into watching MASH on MeTV and I fell in love with it. I would like to get the complete set in the near future. Would you be able to give an estimate of how much the tapes are worth? Also, which tape includes the finale: "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen"?

Hi Brandon & Ann,

First of all how great is your Mom for turning you onto the greatest show ever on TV??

Now for your question.  There are 71 VHS tapes of M*A*S*H episodes that were sold by Columbia House.  Tape 71 has the final episode.  However, the VHS tapes are missing several episodes.  Sorry but I can't remember which ones.

If you want the complete series buy the DVD boxed set.  It has the complete 11 season run.

If you want to know what the VHS tapes are worth, make me an offer.  I have them & for the right price will part with them.

Hope this helps.  Yours in M*A*S*H,



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I have watched all episodes many times, some much more than that. The best show to ever hit the t.v. airwaves.

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