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MASH/Col. Potter, Letter from wife, Hoolihan


Mash fan wrote at 2015-04-20 16:43:34
The episode you are really searching for is Season 8 Episode 1 "Too Many Cooks".  This episode is different than Potter forgetting his anniversary, ("Point of View" - season 7 Episode 10  


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Cathy Jones


I can answer most questions about the series. Has been my all time favorite show ever since it aired. I can't think of anythng that I can't answer, If I didn't know, I could find it in a hurry.


I have the big episode book and can look up most things that are asked. I can tell if the episodes are the older ones with Trapper and Col. Blake or the newer ones just by the music. Some of the episodes I can tell by the beginning music which episode it is without looking at the TV, such as "The Long John Flap". I know how old each major cast member is and where they were born. Harry Morgan is the oldest and Gary Burghoff is the youngest.

Have finished high school

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