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MASH/Hawkeye Salutes?


eric wrote at 2006-07-12 20:58:41
hawkeye while operating saluted radar before he left

Gary wrote at 2007-08-04 02:02:36
In the episode where Radar leaves, he finds his purple heart and says, "Hawkeye pinned it on me himself.  He even saluted me.  Hawkeye never saluted anybody."  and then later Hawkeye salutes him as he looks through the door.

baserunner316 wrote at 2008-01-08 03:19:32

he salutes father mulcahy after he pins his captain bars on him when mulcahy gets promoted. and in one o of the five o clock charlie episodes  hawkeye salutes margaret when the nurses come back. I dont think he ever saluted  henry. when henry goes home he says " a salute just won't do" then kisses him on both cheeks, the truly sincere gesture.

Dave D wrote at 2010-03-14 20:18:04
this page has a list of hawkeyes salutes.  

I copied the text in quotes "  " below from that page. I also added one more I just spotted.

"There were not many occasion, where Hawkeye saluted, in fact there were not many situations, where anyone saluted (Henry: "The closest thing to a salute on base is the camp mutt scratching his ear."):

He (and Trapper) saluted Margie Cutler, when she lost her towel after running out of the shower (in episode I/3: Requiem for a Lightweight)

When two new nurses arrive in the camp, Hawkeye saluted one of them (in episode I/14: Love Story)

He saluted for Capt. Jonathan Tuttle at his commemoration (in episode I/15: Tuttle)

He saluted as he left the swamp naked for the mess tent (in episode I/18: Dear Dad...Again)

He saluted Frank as he sits on the latrine after playing a trick on him (in episode I/24: Showtime)

He saluted Frank before playing a trick on him (in episode II/25: Divided We Stand)

He saluted Frank on the way to nurse Erika (in episode II/27: Radar's Report)

Hawkeye and Trapper saluted Hot Lips in her tent, while she was holding a massage appliance in her right hand (in episode II/32: The Trial of Henry Blake)

He saluted a major, as he and Trapper were standing in front of the three incubators (in episode II/36: The Incubator)

He saluted Radar after he handed him over his medal (in episode VI/122: Fallen Idol)

He saluted Radar in the OP before Radar left home (in episode VIII/174: Good-Bye Radar)

He saluted Father Mulcahy, when he was promoted to Captain in Rosie's bar (in episode VIII/182: Captains Outrageous)

Hawkeye and B.J. saluted Col. Potter, when they said 'Goodbye' to him (in episode XI/251: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen)"

But there is at least one not listed at that page.  I just spotted one on Ion television channel.  In the 7th season episode "Rally Round the Flagg, Boys"  (with col. flagg and another intel officer dueling for intel info).  Hawkeye salutes Frank Burns as he is leaving the tent near the end of the episode.

integrity6987 wrote at 2015-02-14 03:38:10
a weak / whimsical salute to a drunken Henry at the end of I/17 (Ringbanger)

sevlevboss wrote at 2015-04-14 19:26:58
One salute got missed in that list.

Hawkeye salutes Frank as they cross paths in II/03 Radar's Report.

Franks says, "Why did you salute me?"

Hawkeye answers, "We all have off days Frank."


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