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MASH/MASH question. please answer


pinkpagoda wrote at 2007-06-21 19:16:08
Don't forget the episode where a racist GI wants to make sure he doesn't get the "wrong color" blood - Trapper and Hawkeye are so inscensed that they dye him brown when he is sleeping - and when he awakens Ginger and Klinger both make references to his color - later when the truth is revealed to him, Hawkeye and Trapper make sure that he knows that the pioneering doctor who discovered the process for separating blood from plasma so that it could be saved and transported, died when he bled to death, because he was black and the hospital he was taken to would not accept blacks.  (Dear Dad... Three)

And last but not least, the original show in Season 3 that featured Harry Morgan as General Steele, who said a few stereotypical remarks to a black soldier, and was immediately considered insane!  (The General Flipped at Dawn)

JeffDeWitt wrote at 2016-04-01 13:37:51
That episode of MASH also features one of the most notable mistakes in the series. After his accident Dr. Charles Drew was taken to Alamance General Hospital in Burlington (not Greensboro) and was in fact treated. However is injuries were so severe as to not be survivable. In fact a Dr. Ford, one of the doctors who was traveling with him reported that if Dr. Drew had received a transfusion he probably would have died sooner.


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