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MASH/Motorcycle last episodes


Herb Boethel wrote at 2008-09-24 20:22:03
Matthew / Jan

I recently watched the last few episodes of MASH and as I am trying to rebuild a not so old motorcycle was interested in the bike on MASH. After much looking in books and online I can narrow the answer but not give you a specific one. The bike is definately a German made bike probably from the 1940's. The dead giveaway is the hand brake/ clutch levers, they are reversed, that is pointed the opposite direction.(check out the last episode again)Most German bikes of that period had that trait. The Indian mentioned is a V twin, the bike on MASH was a single cylinder. I believe the one in question  is a NSU 501 or 601, many of these were equipped with sidecars. Check out the web for NSU groups, maybe you can find the specific answer.


kl Richard wrote at 2010-02-16 05:13:46
I'm sure this is old news, but Indian Scouts are all V twin engined bikes after were phased out by then!!

The motorcycle BJ rode in the final episode/movie has two exhaust pipes; located close together on the right side of the cyl head, as well as two pushrod tubes for some kind of single cyl 4 stroke cycle engine!!! The real (Indian Killer) is it is LEFT Side Kick start, as can be seen when BJ restarts the bike at the end of the movie!!!!

INDIANS and most all American and some British bikes are right side kick, Northern Europe and Asian manufactuers produce left side Kick start motorcycles.  

Necron99 wrote at 2012-09-18 21:22:10
Sorry that is NOT an Indian Scout. It is a single cylinder machine, probably British but possibly European. It has a large tank cut out over the cylinder head, the shift linkage is two piece and attached tot he tank. You'll also notice that when he shifts, he pulls in the left handlebar clutch, a feature of many British and European hand shift bikes of that era.

William wrote at 2014-02-08 03:33:26
This answer is both right and wrong. In the season 10 episode it was a scout but it was wrecked. The bike we see in the final episode was taken from the group of Chinese soldiers that surrendered to Charles in his bathrobe. Later we see bj painting it yellow and riding it until the last shot of the movie. The bike is indeed a Chang Jiang 750  


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