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MASH/Radar's Hands


Gene wrote at 2012-09-17 02:52:56
You are correct Judy except that Poland Syndrome can affect either the hand or pectoral muscle or both. Doctor's in this country really need to be educated on this.

Born with PS,


Gene wrote at 2015-02-09 05:17:56
Judy, I believe your answer and the doctors are both wrong.Poland Syndrome can affect one or both parts of the body just because Gary did not have the missing pectoral muscle does not mean he does not have Poland Syndrome.I have been watching the MASH episodes and in the very first one you can clearly see that he has PS. His left hand looks exactly like my right hand. Weather or not Gary admits to having PS is his business and I respect that. What I don't respect is doubters who spread miss information.


Gdavidson Poland Syndrome USA  

Beach Daddy wrote at 2015-10-27 22:53:24
Someone I know has what I suspect is the same affliction.

As the fetus grows in the womb, it may move around but sometimes

an extremety may get caught under the baby and the fingers and/or toes

simply do not achieve full growth. It's unfortunate, but as with Gary Burghoff

it isn't life altering, and my friend hasn't let it affect her in any way.  


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