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Good afternoon sir,
I am attempting to remove the Master Cylinder Hose from the Clutch Hose on my 1977 MGB and can't seem to get it. As I am sure you know, there is very little room to work with and I am concerned about bending the hose or stripping the threads. I am currently working with the Haynes Manual and am referencing page 109 numbers 26, 27, and 28. If you could provide any tips or how-to's, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
Morice Smith

Hi Morice - Thanks for waiting.  I cannot find anything relating to the clutch on page 109 of my copy of the Haynes manual, so I presume you have a different version to mine.

I gather that you are trying to separate the joint where the flexible hose joins the metal pipe, so that you can replace the flexible hose to the slave cylinder?  If I have mis-understood your question, please get back to me.

First, remove the slave cylinder from the transmission by undoing the two large bolts and cutting the hose.  You can then undo the remains and fit a new one whilst holding the slave cylinder in a vice.  At the other end, hold the metal end of the hose to stop it turning and undo the union first.  Then undo the large retaining nut and remove the rest of the flexible hose, catching the serrated washer as it falls out.  

When re-assembling, start by bolting the slave cylinder to the transmission with the flexible hose already attached and tightened.  Secondly, fix the other end of the flexible hose in the bracket using the big retaining nut and serrated washer.  Lastly, tighten the union.  That way the hose does not end up all twisted.  

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