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Hi Brian,  I have a 1953 MGTD which needs oil in the carb dampers (completely dry).  The book call for S.A.E. 20 oil which I can't find.  To you know where I can find it or can I replace it with something else.  Thanks, Sandy

51 TD body tub
51 TD body tub  
Hi Sandy:

Most big box or specialty auto stores, like Advance, Pep Boys, etc., should have straight (no additives for multi-viscosity) 20 w oil.  Failing that, use any light weight oil. Motorcycle fork oil, automatic transmission fluid also works.  The dampers are not to particular they just don't want heavy weight oil - like rear differential oil 85-90 weight type stuff. I've used regular multi weight engine oil without adverse effects. Don't overfill just fill to the top of the inner rod you can see with the cap removed. It won't do any harm- just messy and your engine may burn the excess off through the exhaust.  

Good luck. I'm restoring a 51 TD right now! Just have to put in the new interior and paint and install the two front wings and the 4 bonnet panels. The picture is early on in the work.


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