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Follow up to question asked Barrie before he went on vacation regarding how to reconnect choke cable.  Barrie sent diagram but still trying to understan how it works when cable knob is pulled out cable is fixed at end to bracket mounted to carb.  Choke level moves up to apply choke but having hard time understanding how this works when cable doesn't seem to move and outside sleeve doesn't seem to move.


The outer cable covering doesn't move. It is clamped on the choke end/ bracket and only the inner cable moves back and forth when the knob is manipulated. If the inner cable is not moving then something is wrong - but I'm understanding that you can pull the knob, right? While the outer cable is fixed and should not be moving at all, the inner cable/wire is also fixed, but it is fixed to the movable choke lever, thus when pulled that action moves the choke.

Hard to explain without a diagram or picture. Good luck.


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