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MG Car Repair/missfire after running


mike wrote at 2012-09-23 19:16:34

don't over look an ignition problem, the coil can create the same running issues....mine did...had 12 volts going to coil and it wasn't an internally resisted coil...resistor wire failed and put 12 volts into coil and coil would get hot and  motor would miss and finally die after about 10 or so miles in any temp.. Points also showed burn marks....Just a thought...coil will be marked if resistor is needed or not...and simple voltage check at coil ignition wire will tell you...12 volts with internal resisted coil, 6/8 for non resisted coil.......Good luck...  

DrData wrote at 2013-04-03 20:53:19
I have experienced a similar problem on a 1950 MG TD. The car ran like a top for about 25 minutes then began to misfire, backfire and then stall under load.  After a cooling-off period it started and ran again.

The solution:  replacement of a defective coil.  The old coil tested okay on a multimeter but was susceptible to heat (the internal oil was beginning to leak). Replaced with w new coil of the proper capacity and runs like a top.  Others experienced the same issue and same solution.

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