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I have just restored a 1954 MG TF, and I am rebuilding the gear box using your excellent DVD. I have acquired an old gear box that was removed by the owner from a crashed Y type in 56 with 5000 miles on it which I intend to use for parts. The 3rd/4th hub from this box does not have the mainshaft detent ball but is in great shape, will this cause any issues other than the potential to rattle.

FYI, I did some measurements on this box, the selector forks are
0.295 at the pad and the sliding dogs are 0.300. There is 0.045 play between the 1st/2nd hub and the spring washer on the mainshaft but the second gear looks to be as new. Also, the layshaft already shows signs of pitting under magnification at the edge of the shaft cut outs.

Hi Paul.  Thanks for the fork data.  Yes, parts from a YB gearbox will fit a TF, or you could just fit the womplete gearbox using the TF remote.  

If the 3rd/4th hub doesn't have a hole right through, just omit the seventh (locating) ball.  Or you could get a machine shop to modify the YB hub by drilling right through any one of the 6 holes.

As I said before, those slots on the layshaft cause more trouble than they solve.  

Let me know how you get on.

Happy New Year, Barrie

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