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MG Car Repair/1977 Tach input cable


The White/Black wire with a female bullet connector provides a signal
to the tachometer. That wire broke off the back of the tachometer.The pin from the Tachometer is still in the white black wire female end.I have pulled on the connector, twisted, yanked on it. Will not budge.I don't want to get to aggressive and damage the white black cable.
Any ideas would be welcomed.Also what is the success rate of trying to fix the tachometer on my own?

Hi Dave,

It is sometimes necessary to grab the plastic part of the bullet connector on the male and the female with a pair of pliers to pull them apart.

As for repairing the tach, it does take a little mechanical skill to make the repair but it can be done. First you need to pry up just a little on the back of the chrome bezel around the face just enough to loosen it, then you have to rotate it a little to remove the bezel and glass face.  Then with a screw driver remove the screws from the back of the tach and remove the whole unit out the front. This gives you access to the wiring so you can solder the end of the white w/black tracer wire back in place. You do need to use "heat shrink" on the wire for insulation.

If this is too much for you to handle, You should contact Moss Motors or Nisonger on the Internet as they can repair tachs.


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