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I disassembled my (1970 MGB) fuel gauge to learn that one of the connector studs (press fit into the fiber board that supports the guts of the gauge) had come loose. The resistance wire that wraps around the bi-metal beam and connects to both studs had broken off the loose one and the gauge didn't work. I connected it back with an alligator clip and the gauge works. It appears that the resistance wire was originally attached by some blue glue. I think I can reattach the stud to the board with super glue, but what can I use to reattach the resistance wire to the stud?

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Hi Mike.  Unfortunately, the resistance wire is not copper-based so solder will not stick to it.  Super glue is not conductive so that won't work either.  

You could try soldering a small length of copper wire to the stud, wrap the end of the resistance wire around the copper wire and then fold it over to trap the resistance wire.  

Alternatively, you could drill out the stud and replace it with a brass screw (about 2BA or 4mm) and trap the end of the resistance wire under a pair of washers.  

It might be simpler to obtain another gauge unit.  There are plenty available for a few dollars on eBay.  

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